Ten years as a filmmaker 

April 16th in 2006 was the first day I began filmmaking.


And that’s a wrap on first feature film.

Wow, just wow. It feels so good that I have finally said those words, or well, written those words. Same difference I guess haha. But, yeah, it is so hard to believe that I have now made a feature length film.


I started and finished writing script in two weeks in the first two weeks of January 2016. I figured what a perfect way to start the year. It was also even more perfect to realise that on April will mark my tenth anniversary as a filmmaker and I figured, it was the perfect way to celebrate myself as a filmmaker by making my first feature film.

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We shot for 5 days from 4th – 8th April. Yep, that is how much time we spent filming the entire film. The reason it took us this much time as we have a script which is dialogue heavy and dialogue scenes take up less time and less preparation for a filmmaker.

Sam Tesco Shot

The actor was Sam Vaughn who read script in a day and contacted me saying how much he loved it and wanted to be a part of the project.

It was a dream that was about to become a reality and right now it has become a reality.


Expect more updates in this week as we have lot of news and updates about the Isolated and other future projects.


Stay tuned and prepare for some awesomeness.


Feature Filmmaking – Friday 8th April 2016

Feature Filmmaking – Thursday 7th April 2016

NaNoWriMo tomorrow

Today is Halloween, which means that’s it November tomorrow. Which also means it is the start of NaNoWriMo.

I have been working on few ideas for my novel that I am willing to start writing tomorrow. It is  a science fiction and it’s a space opera in a sense. Like novels like Hitchhikers Guide To The Galaxy which is more comedic than science fiction. My story is more drama than science fiction but has enormous elements of science fiction.

I have explained why I am doing this. Well, it’s mainly about expressing my love for creative writing and science fiction. I want to try aim for fifty thousand words minimum, despite being the limit for NaNoWriMo. I feel like that science fiction has a wide range of imagination and requires a lot of detailed information.

I want to have the novel to have an immersing experience with the reader. Hence why I want to write science fiction. The novel will contain characters with real life human emotional elements which will make it relatable. But it’ll also have a immersing idea that’ll help escape from the real world and be sucked in the world of the novel.

I start tomorrow and I hope to blog my journey as NaNoWriMo continues on.

Thank you and wish me luck.