Ten years as a filmmaker 

April 16th in 2006 was the first day I began filmmaking.


Britain’s Got Talent Runner Job

On Sunday 6th and Monday 8th December of this year, I had the honour to work for the nationally popular television show Britains Got Talent.

This was my first officially job as a television runner and I thought it would be wise of me to tell you about my experience there.

Me and my two friends who I went university with travelled from Stoke to Manchester for this job on a really early Sunday morning. How early? Well, we left at 5am. As we had to be there by 7.30am and wanted to leave as soon as we could.

This was my first time driving to Manchester as well and I have to say it was a lot simpler than I expected. I was on the M6 North for about 40 miles and the M62 for another 12 miles and my hotel was literally just two turns away.

We had arrived and the place was packed with all of the workers. It was really early so I was trying my best to stay awake as I had no sleep that day. The producer introduced us to our jobs and I was assigned as a Caller. Which meant that I had to guide the contestants to their audition rooms.

To put it simply it was a very hard and draining work to commit to, but man was it worth it. It was draining because I had to do a lot of work and lasted for thirteen hours a day. On Sunday, I had no sleep, so it was a massive struggle to keep going and concentrate. Also, I had to stand up for a lot of hours and it was hurting the next day.

It was worth it, because I have the brilliant opportunity to work on a popular television show and would look fantastic on my CV. And the fact I met some incredible people who I would like to refer to as my friends. I hope to expect more jobs in the near future, so here’s to more in 2016.

Antique Roadshow Work Experience 3rd September 2015

This is a blog about my one day job as a steward for the extremely popular television show Antiques Roadshow from the BBC.

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This all came about when my university lecturer and friend emailed me saying that Antiques Roadshow are looking for people who are interested in working in the media. I instantly took up the opportunity and said yes.

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What my job required was a steward which was guiding anyone who needed help with where to go. Say if someone was looking for the furniture or clocks, then I would guide them where the area is.

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It felt like I was a part of something big and important. Well, it was, but at the same time, everything was simple to do but also effective. Simple in terms of what my job required on the day and effective because people were satisfied of what they were getting.

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I think the main satisfaction relied on the fact that the BBC did a show at the beautiful Trentham Gardens, which was the same place where I graduated in July.

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We started around half eight in the morning on 3rd September 2015 and went on til 7pm. It was a experience to say, because the job required to stand pretty much all day.

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The place was expected packed with at least two thousand people. The place was crowded ever since the door opens at 9am.

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I was in the end knackered, but I wanted to express the fact that I had the honour to work for a day for the BBC. That is what mattered when I signed on and that still does matter as of today.

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I had a good time with the show and everything, but I personally don’t see myself working in television. I only took the chance as I wanted to have the experience and I sure did got it.

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The experience was simple and decent, but I am just not suitable for this type of job in the near future. But I could not thank everyone enough for the incredible opportunity for this.