Feature Filmmaking – Thursday 7th April 2016


My first job as a wedding videographer

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Yesterday on the 8th September 2015, I had the opportunity to work for the first time ever as a wedding videographer. This was all of a sudden for me as how it all came about. This all began when my friend contacted me saying that her roommate who is a photographer had got a job as a photographer for a wedding and they needed a videographer. I jumped to the offer and instantly accepted. At the time, I had done many filming experiences, but this was the first time I had done a wedding video.

I met with the bride and groom (Alice and Simukai) a couple of times to discuss what they wanted for the video and the pricing. I had shown my short films and other videos and they were amazed by it which was shocking for me because I intend to get a lot of hate for my videos.  They loved how my films looked in terms of framing and the colour correction. I always give the anamorphic letterbox widescreen look to all of my videos and that was the selling point to them.

From then on, it was surprising that I wasn’t too nervous for it. Mainly, because Alice and Simukai wanted a simple video, but at the same time wanted more footage with guests and other stuffs on the day.

Now that it was all set and done, I can proudly say that I absolutely adored the job. Everything went so incredibly well with filming and with the entire wedding. The event was wild as there were so many things happening. We went from the church in Hanley to the reception at The Ashes in Endon. At there, that is where the real party began with the African dancers and singers.

I used my canon DSLR 600d and used a monopod as a steadicam to get smooth shots and everything looks spot on.

Congratulations to Simukai and Alice Mashanga 🙂