Inspiriation is key

I am prepping up to make my feature film debut as a director and I always have to admire that how inspiration is key towards creativity in general especially in filmmaking. I have been making short films for almost ten years now and I have to admit that without being inspired by films and books, then I don’t think it would be anywhere near possible to be making films and videos. I can agree with that for sure.

I get inspired easily and it gets even more easier over the years as my projects tend to get bigger and bigger, which also means that I have to be inspired a lot. Luckily for me, that always happens when I watch a film or TV or even reading a novel which I have been doing a lot recently.

I will be talking more about my inspirations in depth in the upcoming blogs and discuss why being inspired helps you as a filmmaker and also why it is important.

The reason why being inspired is important is that you can keep on track while you are prepping for even making the film as well. It is vital that you are on the right track as you make the film you want.

For example, right now I am making a post apocalyptic drama as my feature film debut. Tat means that I will have to watch and read a lot of things that relate to the genre. It is a massive bonus for me because I am a huge fan of the genre and have been ever since I was a kid. I grew up with the first two (only good) Terminator films and they have the end of the world vibe involved for which I wanted to focus on in my film.

I also been reading a lot of novels that revolve around the end of the world or even what happens after. I read the novel Z For Zachariah for which I really liked. It was a novel that had a premise for which was interesting to read as it revolves around only two characters and their lives after the end of the world. I even read I AM LEGEND by Richard Matheson. We all know that it was later remade into a film by Will Smith back in 2007, but reading the novel had much more to it. It had the idea that what happens when you think you are all alone, when in reality you are not. These two novels have the similar themes that I wanted to focus on my feature film.

I want to focus on the isolation of a lonely character and the idea on how being alone can affect someone.

In the upcoming blogs, I will delve within the plot of the feature film, so keep on eye on that.


Second Poster for THE DECIMATION

Feature film TITLE and First Poster

I have been announcing over the past few months that I will be making a feature film. I can finally confirm that I sure am and I can also confirm the title.

The title of my directorial feature film debut is THE DECIMATION and here is the first poster. Watch out for more updates.


My firs job as a runner

From 3rd – 7th August, I was hired to be a runner for a documentary that is based on the legendary Stoke City footballer Sir Stanley Matthews. It was a job that I applied for and got the call about ten minutes later, mainly because I was from Stoke and they needed a guide.


I was also the runner on the shoot as well and it was an early wake up to late shoot every day. I wanted to write down my experiences as a first time runner. Many people have enjoyed the process and many have disliked it. It was a completely mix bag for me., There were moments that I truly enjoyed and there were moments which I was not a fan of.

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Let’s start off with the things that I enjoyed. First off, I got to meet Nick Hancock for which I was a fan of when I was a kid when I used to watch the show They Think It’s All Over. The crew were good people and they knew what needed to be done. And I got to explore Stoke even more than I already did. Such as going to Britannia Stadium for the first time and explore the true exploration of football in Stoke On Trent.


Now there were sadly moment of which I was NOT a fan of at all. Like for one driving almost all the time on each day. Petrol was vanishing instantly and it was nerve wrecking to think that any minute I may break down. The coffee getting especially being Starbucks. I understood that the director was American and loves his Starbucks, and the thing was that there is only ONE Starbucks in Stoke and it was on the other side of where we were shooting. By the time I got back the coffee would get cold. But the worst part was when someone would forget a small thing at the hotel whether it is cash or equipment, I had to go and get it. I felt like a slave more than anything when I had to do things like that and was not a fan of it at all.

Overall, it was my first time working on a professional shoot, and I have learnt that runner is a hard job but it is an important job. Safe to say that I was not a fan, but in the end, it is all about getting at a starting point if you want to work in the media.


Graduated from University. What now?

Processed with VSCOcam with lv01 preset

Processed with VSCOcam with lv01 preset

Processed with VSCOcam with lv01 preset

It feels weird and strange not being a student. It is also bittersweet, because now that means I have to find a new life as a worker. All my life I always been a student and never actually pictured not stopping. Sounds strange, but I always loved being in an environment that involves education and also combining passionate subjects. Like for me it has always been films.

IMG-1424354478070-V~2 IMG-1424355232577-V~2

All my life I always wanted to have a career in films. Mainly because I always used to watch films when I was a kid. I always had this fantasy every time I would go to the cinema that I was in this movie, or that I wished that I was in this movie. It always excited me that each movie I had watched whether it was good or bad always had a special moment for me.


For example, the first movie I ever saw on the big screen was Jurrasic Park 3. Now the film isn’t all that great, but it had that’special moment with me because it was the first time I had experienced a true cinema experience. I never forgot that.

Sequence 07.00_00_09_17.Still010 Processed with VSCOcam screening Screenshot 2015-05-12 17.05.04

It was because I always wished I got to screen my film on the big screen and that dream became true when I screened my short film The Program to an audience.

Sequence 07.00_04_02_03.Still007 Sequence 05.00_00_26_09.Still001 Sequence 07.00_06_20_03.Still002 Sequence 07.00_01_15_17.Still004

It was a dream come true for me. I had never expected that it would happen. It was a short film, but it was a big thing for me, because I got to screen it at the cinema.


The question is now what do I do? The answer is simple. I am going to make my first feature film. It is an ambitious stake to commit to straight after university. But it is a risk that I am willing to take. I am excited and panicked at the same time. That is a sign of a good idea. Keep an eye on my blog as I will update my journey as a feature film director from start to finish.

Hard work has paid off at university

It is official, my hard work has finally paid off. I had been panicking over the last few weeks ever since I had submitted my major project. The reason being that we had been suffering from the lack of support. And that we had too much work to do in little time and we would worry if we done enough. It had turned out that I did and I managed to get a 2.1 for my degree in Film, Television and Radio Studies.

Screen Shot 2015-06-25 at 18.27.52

I was literally over the moon when I discovered this news. It was shocking as well because the marks leading up were pretty harsh but two modules managed to round it up and got me a 2.1.

Safe to say that all my hard work has finally paid off.

The Program available on YouTube and Vimeo

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As promised, here it is. My new #ScienceFiction #ShortFilm THE PROGRAM. Do let us know your thoughts and most importantly, hope you guys enjoy 🙂

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The Program is a new science fiction short film by Fuwad Abrar (Resident and Region).

2015-03-14 02.09.03 3_20150314141816052

The film is set in a not too far distant future where people have the ability to record their memories and dreams. The company that created this technology have been assigned to expand that idea. They have been assigned to create a world using computer data combined with human imaginations. So, people can live there habitually and permanently.


The reason they want to do this is because planet Earth has been too damaged by the current war that is happening with the government and other countries.


The film follows the main character Donovan (Nathan Wallace) testing the first prototype of the new program. He is guided by his Android friend M.A.R.C.O (Bradley Tiernan) within the process. But, things don’t go well.


Nathan Wallace – Donovan
Bradley Tiernan – M.A.R.C.O
Atdhe Latifaj – Alvin
Robert Withers – Computer Glitch 1
Stan Barber – Computer Glitch 2
Bret Shah – Man In Lab

Written and Directed by Fuwad Abrar

Produced by Robert Withers

Edited by Fuwad Abrar

Cinematography by Robert Withers

Music by Saad Ali

Location Manager – Bradley Ayres
Executive Producer – Bradley Ayres

Boom Operators – Jack Smith and Harley Gower

Runners – Jade McKenna, Harley Gower and Juanita Aparani

Lighting – Jack Smith, Jade McKenna, Harley Gower and Juanita Aparani

Concept Art by Charlotte Whitaker and Rafi Raza

Additional Footage by Dan Thornton and Bret Shah

Special Thanks To:
Bradley Ayres
Bret Shah
Dan Thornton
Lightwood Bowling Club
Keele University
Staffordshire University – Mellor Building, Henrion Building and Science Centre

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