Been a busy guy. Filmmaking is hard work.

Hence why there hasn’t been much blogs. I have been busy with the post production process. Well, in fact, we are reaching towards the final stages of the post-production process.

I of course refer to my first ever feature film Isolated.


The fact that I am almost done with the editing is such a relief and also just a pinch me moment as well.

I would never in my life consider that I would manage to film and finish a feature length film. It is things like this that are incredibly surreal, but we are almost there at the finishing line.

Just less than two weeks to go until the premiere.


Fearure Film (Isolated) Official First Trailer

Feature Filmmaking – Friday 8th April 2016

Why I am making my first feature in 2016?

I made an announcement just before the New Year that I was going to try and make my debut as a feature filmmaker. It actually was an ambitious idea in the first place. I mean being a guy who just graduated from university in July 2015 and thinking that making feature is an impossible task to commit to. Well, I am here to confirm that it isn’t impossible at all.

There is that saying that everything is possible, it’s just that the impossible takes time. I am a believer of that. I also want to prove it as well. I want to prove that I have the capability and passion to make a feature film. Why? Well, it is about how long that I have actually been doing filmmaking.2016 is a special year for me, especially the date April 16th. That date marks the tenth anniversary since I started picking up a camera and made short films. I was only thirteen years old and just fell in love with it enormously since.

2016 is a special year for me, especially the date April 16th. That date marks the tenth anniversary since I started picking up a camera and made short films. I was only thirteen years old and just fell in love with it enormously since then. So, I believe that it is the perfect opportunity to make my debut at feature filmmaking.

Over the years, I have been inspired a lot by many of my favourite filmmakers and even my friends as well. Filmmakers such as Christopher Nolan, Steven Speilberg, Quentin Tarantino, The Coen Brothers and many more. (That will be in another blog in depth about my inspirations for the feature).


The one example I can give from friend’s inspiring me are Elliot and Zander Weaver who are almost finished with their first feature film Cosmos. I have been fan of their work for many years, and couldn’t believe that I am now good friends with them because we all have one thing in common. And that is we are passion for filmmaking and we love films. We just hit it off when I interviewed them for my university essay and just remained friends since. They have been supporting me and I have been supporting them and it’s just things like that help keep me going.

Positive synergies is what keeps me going as people especially in this day and age of the internet, social media and YouTube trolls who just bash people instantly. It’s just a horrid way to keep people down and for no reason at all.

I have suffered from that over the years and it has gotten to me. But the lesson you have to learn is to not to let anyone get to you. They are only doing this because they know you can do it, they just find a way just to persuade not to do it, because of stupidity and jealousy.  But, I will speak about that in depth in the next blogs coming up.

Anyway, my feature is called ISOLATED and it is a drama and thriller. I will delve within the plot after we finish filming soon and I want to go in depth with my filmmaking journey and want to blog about what it has been like.

So, please wish me luck and support me as I am going to need it.

Thank you and expect more updates very soon.


Poster 1 of My First Feature Film (ISOLATED)

My first director showreel

My first ever director’s showreel. A montage of all of my work so far. 2016 will be big as it’ll mark 10 years since I started doing filmmaking. Here’s more to come in the near future grin emoticon


Britain’s Got Talent Runner Job

On Sunday 6th and Monday 8th December of this year, I had the honour to work for the nationally popular television show Britains Got Talent.

This was my first officially job as a television runner and I thought it would be wise of me to tell you about my experience there.

Me and my two friends who I went university with travelled from Stoke to Manchester for this job on a really early Sunday morning. How early? Well, we left at 5am. As we had to be there by 7.30am and wanted to leave as soon as we could.

This was my first time driving to Manchester as well and I have to say it was a lot simpler than I expected. I was on the M6 North for about 40 miles and the M62 for another 12 miles and my hotel was literally just two turns away.

We had arrived and the place was packed with all of the workers. It was really early so I was trying my best to stay awake as I had no sleep that day. The producer introduced us to our jobs and I was assigned as a Caller. Which meant that I had to guide the contestants to their audition rooms.

To put it simply it was a very hard and draining work to commit to, but man was it worth it. It was draining because I had to do a lot of work and lasted for thirteen hours a day. On Sunday, I had no sleep, so it was a massive struggle to keep going and concentrate. Also, I had to stand up for a lot of hours and it was hurting the next day.

It was worth it, because I have the brilliant opportunity to work on a popular television show and would look fantastic on my CV. And the fact I met some incredible people who I would like to refer to as my friends. I hope to expect more jobs in the near future, so here’s to more in 2016.