Been a busy guy. Filmmaking is hard work.

Hence why there hasn’t been much blogs. I have been busy with the post production process. Well, in fact, we are reaching towards the final stages of the post-production process.

I of course refer to my first ever feature film Isolated.


The fact that I am almost done with the editing is such a relief and also just a pinch me moment as well.

I would never in my life consider that I would manage to film and finish a feature length film. It is things like this that are incredibly surreal, but we are almost there at the finishing line.

Just less than two weeks to go until the premiere.


Fearure Film (Isolated) Official First Trailer

Ten years as a filmmaker 

April 16th in 2006 was the first day I began filmmaking.

And that’s a wrap on first feature film.

Wow, just wow. It feels so good that I have finally said those words, or well, written those words. Same difference I guess haha. But, yeah, it is so hard to believe that I have now made a feature length film.


I started and finished writing script in two weeks in the first two weeks of January 2016. I figured what a perfect way to start the year. It was also even more perfect to realise that on April will mark my tenth anniversary as a filmmaker and I figured, it was the perfect way to celebrate myself as a filmmaker by making my first feature film.

Processed with VSCO with acg preset

We shot for 5 days from 4th – 8th April. Yep, that is how much time we spent filming the entire film. The reason it took us this much time as we have a script which is dialogue heavy and dialogue scenes take up less time and less preparation for a filmmaker.

Sam Tesco Shot

The actor was Sam Vaughn who read script in a day and contacted me saying how much he loved it and wanted to be a part of the project.

It was a dream that was about to become a reality and right now it has become a reality.


Expect more updates in this week as we have lot of news and updates about the Isolated and other future projects.


Stay tuned and prepare for some awesomeness.


Feature Filmmaking – Friday 8th April 2016

Feature Filmmaking – Thursday 7th April 2016

Feature Filmmaking – Wednesday 6th April 2016