The first day of filming feature film ISOLATED

I finally started principal photography on my first feature film today. Well, today February 2nd which is also known as Groundhog Day (HAHA), was let us say was an eventful one to say the least.

Today was a very simple day as we filmed the locations and some cutaways. This was not the original plan for today. The original plan was to film at least a couple of important dialogue scenes with the main actor, but then Murphy’s Law happened. The very last minute the actor drops out for personal reasons.

So, we were left in an enormous chaotic situation. We had to try and not let that get to us. And luckily we didn’t as we had plan B and filmed the cutaways for today and hired another actor for this Sunday’s shoot. Hopefully, that goes well or much better that it actually happens this Sunday.

I learnt that always being ahead of yourself if a wise decision in terms of any types of filmmaking. You got to have the answer to every question and you got to find a way to get the day going.

Hope for more success on the way. Watch out as we go in depth with what the film is about and who is in the film in the next upcoming blogs.