Robopocalypse (Book Review)

Robopocalypse is a science fiction novel written by Daniel H Wilson. Published in 2011 and became an instant bestseller.
Roboapocalypse is set in a distant future where artificial intelligence has taken over worldwide and causes nothing but termination towards humanity. The book is written in present tense and in first person. But it’s unlike any other book, as it follows variety of characters all around the world.
One story is set in Los Angeles, one is set in London, one in China and many more.
I purchased the ebook back in 2014 but never got around to seeing it until now. Mainly due to me being at the time an extremely busy university student, I never got round to reading it. And I wanted to read as much science fiction as I possibly could, as I will be writing science fiction books and screenplays.

This novel grasped my interest back in 2013 when Steven Spielberg was attached to direct from a script by Drew Godard.  And had a cast with Chris Hemsworth and Anne Hathaway. Until the project was put on hold indefinitely.

That news was sad to hear but they said it will be back eventually, but I could not wait any longer and decided to read it.

When I purchased this novel, I noticed a lot of mixed reviews from the audiences and a lot of positive by a lot of famous authors such as Stephen King who praised it. I can safely say that this novel was terrific.

The novel follows the same formulae as World War Z when it follows different characters in different point of views. I was a huge fan of that and it made it more of a page-turner as there was a lot to follow.

I was a fan of how it was written in terms of terminology. There were a lot of scientific words that made this novel incredibly realistic and at a point it was actually scary.

The author Daniel H. Wilson has a PhD in robotics and he knows what he is talking about. It was interesting to see a well-educated man with robotics to write a novel about the end of the world.

The novel has some similar themes to films like The Terminator as the extermination is the robot’s main target and it was just great to read a novel that had just perfect entertainment values.

If you love science fiction, then this is a must read.