Ambitiousness of making feature film directorial debut

If you have been following my blog for the past few months, you’ll know that I am almost ready to start filming my first feature film. It is a project that I am both writing and directing. Well, the script is already written and I am just directing it when we start filming.


The idea I am tackling is a post-apocalyptic drama. The reason being that I am a huge fan and I always wanted to make one. I wanted to make one because I wanted to experience what it would be like when no one is around on planet earth after a war.

It is ambitious to do a feature film especially straight after graduating from university recently. The question is why am I doing this? Well, it is to prove a point of my vision and my skills as a filmmaker.

When I define proving a point, I mean in terms of having a lack of support from those people who are supposed to be your friends. Well, not only that, but I had no support when I was making The Program at Univeristy. In a sense, it is good then you can have a bigger motivation to prove the fact that you are capable of doing this.

Whenever I say I want to make films, I get laughed at because they class it as an impossible job. Well, so is any job these days since most people intend to be lazy or have a short attention span.  Hence where the skills come in along with carrying it to illustrate my vision on screen.

The vision of telling this story is actually conventional and unconventional at the same time. It is conventional in terms of the end of the world vibes within the film, but unconventional on how the film plays out. Of course I won’t say anything yet as I do not want to spoil the film.

But just remember, that no matter how big and ambitious the idea is, NEVER EVER GIVE UP HOPE! If you do, then the people who put you down have won. The only way to win is be bigger and more ambitious with your storytelling.

In the next blog, I will delve within the plot and also the characters so keep on eye on that one.


My first job as a wedding videographer

Screen Shot 2015-09-09 at 08.35.13

Yesterday on the 8th September 2015, I had the opportunity to work for the first time ever as a wedding videographer. This was all of a sudden for me as how it all came about. This all began when my friend contacted me saying that her roommate who is a photographer had got a job as a photographer for a wedding and they needed a videographer. I jumped to the offer and instantly accepted. At the time, I had done many filming experiences, but this was the first time I had done a wedding video.

I met with the bride and groom (Alice and Simukai) a couple of times to discuss what they wanted for the video and the pricing. I had shown my short films and other videos and they were amazed by it which was shocking for me because I intend to get a lot of hate for my videos.  They loved how my films looked in terms of framing and the colour correction. I always give the anamorphic letterbox widescreen look to all of my videos and that was the selling point to them.

From then on, it was surprising that I wasn’t too nervous for it. Mainly, because Alice and Simukai wanted a simple video, but at the same time wanted more footage with guests and other stuffs on the day.

Now that it was all set and done, I can proudly say that I absolutely adored the job. Everything went so incredibly well with filming and with the entire wedding. The event was wild as there were so many things happening. We went from the church in Hanley to the reception at The Ashes in Endon. At there, that is where the real party began with the African dancers and singers.

I used my canon DSLR 600d and used a monopod as a steadicam to get smooth shots and everything looks spot on.

Congratulations to Simukai and Alice Mashanga 🙂

Fifth Poster for THE DECIMATION

Fourth Poster for THE DECIMATION

Third Poster for THE DECIMATION

Antique Roadshow Work Experience 3rd September 2015

This is a blog about my one day job as a steward for the extremely popular television show Antiques Roadshow from the BBC.

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This all came about when my university lecturer and friend emailed me saying that Antiques Roadshow are looking for people who are interested in working in the media. I instantly took up the opportunity and said yes.

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What my job required was a steward which was guiding anyone who needed help with where to go. Say if someone was looking for the furniture or clocks, then I would guide them where the area is.

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It felt like I was a part of something big and important. Well, it was, but at the same time, everything was simple to do but also effective. Simple in terms of what my job required on the day and effective because people were satisfied of what they were getting.

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I think the main satisfaction relied on the fact that the BBC did a show at the beautiful Trentham Gardens, which was the same place where I graduated in July.

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We started around half eight in the morning on 3rd September 2015 and went on til 7pm. It was a experience to say, because the job required to stand pretty much all day.

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The place was expected packed with at least two thousand people. The place was crowded ever since the door opens at 9am.

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I was in the end knackered, but I wanted to express the fact that I had the honour to work for a day for the BBC. That is what mattered when I signed on and that still does matter as of today.

Processed with VSCOcam with c8 preset

Processed with VSCOcam with c8 preset

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I had a good time with the show and everything, but I personally don’t see myself working in television. I only took the chance as I wanted to have the experience and I sure did got it.

Processed with VSCOcam with lv01 preset

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The experience was simple and decent, but I am just not suitable for this type of job in the near future. But I could not thank everyone enough for the incredible opportunity for this.

Inspiriation is key

I am prepping up to make my feature film debut as a director and I always have to admire that how inspiration is key towards creativity in general especially in filmmaking. I have been making short films for almost ten years now and I have to admit that without being inspired by films and books, then I don’t think it would be anywhere near possible to be making films and videos. I can agree with that for sure.

I get inspired easily and it gets even more easier over the years as my projects tend to get bigger and bigger, which also means that I have to be inspired a lot. Luckily for me, that always happens when I watch a film or TV or even reading a novel which I have been doing a lot recently.

I will be talking more about my inspirations in depth in the upcoming blogs and discuss why being inspired helps you as a filmmaker and also why it is important.

The reason why being inspired is important is that you can keep on track while you are prepping for even making the film as well. It is vital that you are on the right track as you make the film you want.

For example, right now I am making a post apocalyptic drama as my feature film debut. Tat means that I will have to watch and read a lot of things that relate to the genre. It is a massive bonus for me because I am a huge fan of the genre and have been ever since I was a kid. I grew up with the first two (only good) Terminator films and they have the end of the world vibe involved for which I wanted to focus on in my film.

I also been reading a lot of novels that revolve around the end of the world or even what happens after. I read the novel Z For Zachariah for which I really liked. It was a novel that had a premise for which was interesting to read as it revolves around only two characters and their lives after the end of the world. I even read I AM LEGEND by Richard Matheson. We all know that it was later remade into a film by Will Smith back in 2007, but reading the novel had much more to it. It had the idea that what happens when you think you are all alone, when in reality you are not. These two novels have the similar themes that I wanted to focus on my feature film.

I want to focus on the isolation of a lonely character and the idea on how being alone can affect someone.

In the upcoming blogs, I will delve within the plot of the feature film, so keep on eye on that.