My firs job as a runner

From 3rd – 7th August, I was hired to be a runner for a documentary that is based on the legendary Stoke City footballer Sir Stanley Matthews. It was a job that I applied for and got the call about ten minutes later, mainly because I was from Stoke and they needed a guide.


I was also the runner on the shoot as well and it was an early wake up to late shoot every day. I wanted to write down my experiences as a first time runner. Many people have enjoyed the process and many have disliked it. It was a completely mix bag for me., There were moments that I truly enjoyed and there were moments which I was not a fan of.

bm2 sfc

Let’s start off with the things that I enjoyed. First off, I got to meet Nick Hancock for which I was a fan of when I was a kid when I used to watch the show They Think It’s All Over. The crew were good people and they knew what needed to be done. And I got to explore Stoke even more than I already did. Such as going to Britannia Stadium for the first time and explore the true exploration of football in Stoke On Trent.


Now there were sadly moment of which I was NOT a fan of at all. Like for one driving almost all the time on each day. Petrol was vanishing instantly and it was nerve wrecking to think that any minute I may break down. The coffee getting especially being Starbucks. I understood that the director was American and loves his Starbucks, and the thing was that there is only ONE Starbucks in Stoke and it was on the other side of where we were shooting. By the time I got back the coffee would get cold. But the worst part was when someone would forget a small thing at the hotel whether it is cash or equipment, I had to go and get it. I felt like a slave more than anything when I had to do things like that and was not a fan of it at all.

Overall, it was my first time working on a professional shoot, and I have learnt that runner is a hard job but it is an important job. Safe to say that I was not a fan, but in the end, it is all about getting at a starting point if you want to work in the media.



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