Graduated from University. What now?

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It feels weird and strange not being a student. It is also bittersweet, because now that means I have to find a new life as a worker. All my life I always been a student and never actually pictured not stopping. Sounds strange, but I always loved being in an environment that involves education and also combining passionate subjects. Like for me it has always been films.

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All my life I always wanted to have a career in films. Mainly because I always used to watch films when I was a kid. I always had this fantasy every time I would go to the cinema that I was in this movie, or that I wished that I was in this movie. It always excited me that each movie I had watched whether it was good or bad always had a special moment for me.


For example, the first movie I ever saw on the big screen was Jurrasic Park 3. Now the film isn’t all that great, but it had that’special moment with me because it was the first time I had experienced a true cinema experience. I never forgot that.

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It was because I always wished I got to screen my film on the big screen and that dream became true when I screened my short film The Program to an audience.

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It was a dream come true for me. I had never expected that it would happen. It was a short film, but it was a big thing for me, because I got to screen it at the cinema.


The question is now what do I do? The answer is simple. I am going to make my first feature film. It is an ambitious stake to commit to straight after university. But it is a risk that I am willing to take. I am excited and panicked at the same time. That is a sign of a good idea. Keep an eye on my blog as I will update my journey as a feature film director from start to finish.


Official University Graduate

It has been two weeks since I graduated from Staffordshire University in a Ba Hons degree in Film, Television and Radio Studies with a 2.1 grade. I thought I share my thoughts and experiences as a university graduate.

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The graduation was held at the beautiful Trentham Gardens in Stoke On Trent. If you haven’t been, please go as I strongly recommend it.

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It was nerve-wracking because I didn’t want to embarrass myself in front of hundreds of people. I remembered almost everyone in my course were worrying themselves about tripping.

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I wanted to establish that it is worth going. It was so incredible just to be there with my family and friends. My family have been proud of me and it was just amazing to let them see me graduate.

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I was fasting that day and it was painfully hot. It was during Ramadan, but it was still worth it. I loved how well presented the graduation was. And that there were many students graduated. It was just great to see them all again for final last time. Well, hopefully not.

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I want to wish everyone their very best in FTVRS and Staffordshire Univeristy and good luck to everyone in the near future.