People Who Have Inspired Me – James Cameron


terminator terminator-2-james-cameron

When I was growing up, all I can remember was watching Terminator 2 every single weekend. I used to have both of the Terminator films on one VHS tape and I would always forward it to the second one. The reason being that I loved it more. I did love the first film but loved the second film even more.


James Cameron has been a major inspiration to my filmmaking for years. I have been a huge fan of his work ever since I was a kid and still am as of this day. The reason why James Cameron is a major inspiration to me is because he pushes the boundaries.


maxresdefault Titanic-Movie-Pictures-Leonardo-DiCaprio

For Terminator 2, it was the first ever 100 million dollar film, Titanic was the first ever 200 million dollar film and Avatar was the first ever 300 million dollar film. It is not in terms of budget but in the terms of scope and spectacle of the films he has made.

maxresdefault Ellen_Ripley_Cargo_Loader

He is also the man to have made two of the best sequels of all time. Terminator 2 and Aliens.


His vision is breathtaking in terms of storytelling and the scope. The Abyss was the first film to have CGI back in 1989 and then used it more in 1991 for Terminator 2.


He has inspired me as he has expanded his vision on screen and will do anything to tell a story. Whether it is to create new technology or whatever it takes to push the boundaries.



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