Be prepared for negativity

Being a filmmaker and a film student has its advantages and its disadvantages. It has its advantages as it has the qualities of showing your film to the audience and it has its disadvantages of not getting the support you want.

I have been a sufferer of that of not getting the support you deserve. That becomes the reality in the end. But you have to take it all in and realize that there is much worse to come.

I mean that in the most realistic way possible. I am a filmmaker who does believe in the cliched system where if you make a good film then everyone will like it.

That will always be never the case as no film is perfect. Even my favourite films aren’t classed a perfect to others, but they are classed as perfect to me because we all have different opinions. And that is a good thing.

We learnt to accept everyone’s opinion as everyone is different in terms of taste. My favourite films include The Dark Knight, Inception, Saving Private Ryan, Pulp Fiction, Terminator 2, Back To The Future, Star Wars etc. Most of my friends hate the films that I have mentioned. I accept that as it is their own opinion and I am not going to force someone to liking it.

Whenever you make a film, and someone likes or hates it, make sure you get a response. Get a reason why they liked or hated it. And you can learn from that and therefore make your next project.


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