Is studying filmmaking a good idea?

I always ask that every time when I used to go to college and to university. I would always ask if studying filmmaking is a good idea.

When I was in college, I studied film and not filmmaking. There is a huge difference as studying A-Level film is all about the theory aspect of films in general. Filmmaking is more about the practical aspect. Can anyone pick up a camera and just make a blockbuster? The answer is in my opinion yes.

Here’s why. Studying filmmaking isn’t possible at all. Just like how Stephen King quotes on how creative writing can’t be taught. I strongly agree on that quote.

I agree on the idea that if you have a strong vision on how to make your film then you can become a filmmaker. And there is also that quote by Quentin Tarantino. He said that if you love movies then you can make a good one.

Filmmaker like him and even Steven Spielberg never went to film school. They never got taught on how to make films. Even my favourite director Christopher Nolan never went to film school. They just picked up a camera and just made films and they never stopped.

It makes the word impossible to I’m possible to when it comes to filmmaking. It can be impossible to get an audience, but you have to try in order to make it possible.

So, if you have a strong passion for filmmaking, then the wise decision is to not study filmmaking and just go for it. Just make films. The best way to make films is to self taught.

Read books on filmmaking especially Rebel Without A Crew by Robert Rodriguez. It is a fanatically in depth look on how he made his feature film debut El Mariachi.

Now, you have free film schools on the internet such as and even Film Riot. I am a huge fan of film riot and have been ever since they began. They have inspired me so much and they have taught me on how to make films.

So, if you want to be a filmmaker, then become a filmmaker rather than studying it.


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