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As promised, here it is. My new #ScienceFiction #ShortFilm THE PROGRAM. Do let us know your thoughts and most importantly, hope you guys enjoy 🙂

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The Program is a new science fiction short film by Fuwad Abrar (Resident and Region).

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The film is set in a not too far distant future where people have the ability to record their memories and dreams. The company that created this technology have been assigned to expand that idea. They have been assigned to create a world using computer data combined with human imaginations. So, people can live there habitually and permanently.


The reason they want to do this is because planet Earth has been too damaged by the current war that is happening with the government and other countries.


The film follows the main character Donovan (Nathan Wallace) testing the first prototype of the new program. He is guided by his Android friend M.A.R.C.O (Bradley Tiernan) within the process. But, things don’t go well.


Nathan Wallace – Donovan
Bradley Tiernan – M.A.R.C.O
Atdhe Latifaj – Alvin
Robert Withers – Computer Glitch 1
Stan Barber – Computer Glitch 2
Bret Shah – Man In Lab

Written and Directed by Fuwad Abrar

Produced by Robert Withers

Edited by Fuwad Abrar

Cinematography by Robert Withers

Music by Saad Ali

Location Manager – Bradley Ayres
Executive Producer – Bradley Ayres

Boom Operators – Jack Smith and Harley Gower

Runners – Jade McKenna, Harley Gower and Juanita Aparani

Lighting – Jack Smith, Jade McKenna, Harley Gower and Juanita Aparani

Concept Art by Charlotte Whitaker and Rafi Raza

Additional Footage by Dan Thornton and Bret Shah

Special Thanks To:
Bradley Ayres
Bret Shah
Dan Thornton
Lightwood Bowling Club
Keele University
Staffordshire University – Mellor Building, Henrion Building and Science Centre

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Short Film On The Big Screen

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Yesterday my dream had come true. I had shown my new short film The Program to an audience on the big screen. This has been a dream of mine ever since I was a kid.


I was amazed just how much people loved my film as well. I had been pressured to make the film good and it had turned out a lot better than they expected. The responses from my friends and everyone else have been incredible and I could not thank you guys enough for it.

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Final year of university is officially finished

I am writing to say that all of my threes years at Staffordshire University is officially done. It has been a long journey, but I am amazed that I ended up getting this far.

I personally did not expect to reach this far as I was never bright in school. I can now safely say that I had experienced the university life. I can also say that I had a good time.

I thought that the experience with meeting up with new people, and doing a passionate course was a great mix. It helped create this unique experience that I did not expect I would get.

I had a blast with first year, second year not to much and third year was a much improvement. I thought that the course was needed to built my experience and also skills.

The skills such as editing and sound mixing. It was a great fun and I hope to expect bigger things in the near future.

People Who Have Inspired Me – James Cameron


terminator terminator-2-james-cameron

When I was growing up, all I can remember was watching Terminator 2 every single weekend. I used to have both of the Terminator films on one VHS tape and I would always forward it to the second one. The reason being that I loved it more. I did love the first film but loved the second film even more.


James Cameron has been a major inspiration to my filmmaking for years. I have been a huge fan of his work ever since I was a kid and still am as of this day. The reason why James Cameron is a major inspiration to me is because he pushes the boundaries.


maxresdefault Titanic-Movie-Pictures-Leonardo-DiCaprio

For Terminator 2, it was the first ever 100 million dollar film, Titanic was the first ever 200 million dollar film and Avatar was the first ever 300 million dollar film. It is not in terms of budget but in the terms of scope and spectacle of the films he has made.

maxresdefault Ellen_Ripley_Cargo_Loader

He is also the man to have made two of the best sequels of all time. Terminator 2 and Aliens.


His vision is breathtaking in terms of storytelling and the scope. The Abyss was the first film to have CGI back in 1989 and then used it more in 1991 for Terminator 2.


He has inspired me as he has expanded his vision on screen and will do anything to tell a story. Whether it is to create new technology or whatever it takes to push the boundaries.


Why I love filmmaking

Why do I love filmmaking? It is simple, I have a strong passion for it. And also I can’t do anything else. I am being serious, there is literally nothing else I was put on this planet to do. I have been making short films ever since I was thirteen years old and my love has grown to even more.

When I was a kid, I grew up having close to no friends. I was always by myself and even though I have two brothers, I was never really close to them. I always had that view of me just watching films when I wasn’t. I would always watch films no matter what. I would never go out as I didn’t really have many friends. I would stay inside and just watch movies.

The film for it grew more and more over the years. And from then I decided to make films when I was 13. I made small skits and spoofs and at times some short films. Well, attempts of short films. And then it hit it big when The Dark Knight was released and changed the game for me entirely.

The-Dark-Knight-Trailer-Screencap-the-dark-knight-2759662-1280-544 snapshot20071217191845 the-dark-knight-movie-screenshot-1920x1080-2 the_dark_knight_5

Because of The Dark Knight (which is my favourite film) still remains on impact of my life and is the reason why I became a filmmaker. And the love of it grew even more.

I love filmmaking because I love to tell stories. That is what filmmaking is. It is about telling a story visually and I wish to continue to do that over the upcoming years.

Be prepared for negativity

Being a filmmaker and a film student has its advantages and its disadvantages. It has its advantages as it has the qualities of showing your film to the audience and it has its disadvantages of not getting the support you want.

I have been a sufferer of that of not getting the support you deserve. That becomes the reality in the end. But you have to take it all in and realize that there is much worse to come.

I mean that in the most realistic way possible. I am a filmmaker who does believe in the cliched system where if you make a good film then everyone will like it.

That will always be never the case as no film is perfect. Even my favourite films aren’t classed a perfect to others, but they are classed as perfect to me because we all have different opinions. And that is a good thing.

We learnt to accept everyone’s opinion as everyone is different in terms of taste. My favourite films include The Dark Knight, Inception, Saving Private Ryan, Pulp Fiction, Terminator 2, Back To The Future, Star Wars etc. Most of my friends hate the films that I have mentioned. I accept that as it is their own opinion and I am not going to force someone to liking it.

Whenever you make a film, and someone likes or hates it, make sure you get a response. Get a reason why they liked or hated it. And you can learn from that and therefore make your next project.

The Program Plot


Since we are really close to the release of my new upcoming science fiction short film titled The Program, I thought it would be perfect timing to tell you what the film is actually about.


The Program is the new science fiction short film written and directed by Fuwad Abrar (Resident and Region).


Set in a far too distant future where Earth has been overpopulated and over polluted. The gaming company Jenson helps people to overcome their fears by reliving their memories. They want to expand that idea. They have been assigned to create a virtual reality for people, for people to live their lives. They want to create a program for which people can live there forever.

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The film follows Donovan (Nathan Wallace) who sets out to test the first prototype of this program, but it does not go well.

2015-03-14 02.09.03 3_20150314141816052

The Program will be released on Monday 11th May 2015 on YouTube and Vimeo.