My Favourite Films – The Original Star Wars Trilogy


When I was a kid, I used to love watching films. I loved the aspect of watching a form of entertainment through visuals and sounds. But, I remember seeing the first Star Wars film for the first time when I was seven years old. It changed me forever.


It changed me because that was the first time in my life I experienced true film escapism. I experienced a film that took me away from the real world and helped me enforce into the world of the force.


I remember being excited when the lightsabre fights would appear and make them sounds. It felt like that I was transported into a completely different world. It was truly unique.


Then of course Empire Strikes Back stood out. It still remains my favourite Star Wars film ever. Maybe The Force Awakens may change it, but I highly doubt it. Empire Strikes Back had everything you could possibly imagine for not just a perfect sci-fi film but for a perfect film.


The film’s action is the best out of the three. With the imperial war battles after the opening and we see Yoda for the first time. It was truly breathtaking what Empire Strikes Back achieved after a terrific start of a beloved franchise.

It had terrific action set pieces, amazing character developments, and a shocking twist of an ending. The famous twist still remains shocking as of this day. It had this shocking sensation that someone as menacing as Darth Vader would be a major aspect for Luke Skywalker’s life.

Darth Vader is just awesome in its portrayal and its purpose. He had this plan in order to reconnect. The dark side doesn’t allow him, but deep down he wants to be someone else. He feels that he is forced to be this menacing and I personally see that more in Return Of The Jedi.


Then went onto the Return Of The Jedi which I also love just the same as the first two. A lot of people intend to not prefer it as much, but I personally still adore it. It has the same qualities that the first two films had.


To me it felt like the perfect finale of them all and it still remains one of my favourite trilogies of all time. Possibly my 2nd favourite trilogy behind The Dark Knight trilogy and that will be delved in soon in my next upcoming blogs.

Overall, Star Wars trilogy introduced me to film escapism and still remains a true unique film experience. I cannot wait for The Force Awakens. Let’s just hope it is a lot better than the poor prequels.


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