People Who Have Inspired Me – Ryan Connolly


When the name “Ryan Connolly” appears, all I can think of is how brilliantly passionate this man truly is. I remember when I first introduced to Ryan’s work back in 2009. I remember being on YouTube, just looking at some short films. One day, I came across a test footage which looked beautiful with the use of shots and the filters as well. It looked like if Tony Scott directed it. After that, I saw the first episode of his outstanding web series Film Riot.


Film Riot is a YouTube weekly web series delving in on filmmaking. It sounds pretty limited, but it really isn’t. It is a show about filmmaking hence why I say it can be limited. But the reason I think it isn’t limited is because it has this great of sense of humour to it. Ryan does sketches, short films and tutorials on filmmaking. And all of them are presented in this brilliantly funny way. They goof around and have a great time and makes us have a good time watching the videos as well.


He does his videos with his brother Josh who is just as funny as he is. They both illustrate on how fun filmmaking can be, despite being a lot of hard work. They demonstrate that there is a lot of hard work and effort put into the videos and in the end it will be worth it. When I see this guys, it makes me more than glad to be doing filmmaking.


Speaking of filmmaking, I absolutely adore Ryan’s short films. He does Film Riot weekly and then in his spare time, he makes short films. He has a strong passion for it and he has shown it definitely. I love how he changes each genre by each film.

Tell – Psychological Thriller

Losses – Action

Proximity – Science Fiction

He challenges himself every time and it makes him a brilliant filmmaker for challenging himself each time he tackles a project.

maxresdefaultlossessss maxresdefaulttelelele proximity_featured-620x348464423149_1280x544

I have been a huge fan of Ryan ever since 2009 and he has impressed me since. He has shown that hard work can pay off. He started Film Riot just for fun and now it has become his full time job. He has shown that you can be fun and also working hard at the same time. He has shown that no matter what, never give up. And that is why he has inspired me with my filmmaking.



Day 4 of filming of the major project

The fourth day of filming was up in Keele university. We originally wanted to film up in Park Hall, but decided to film at Keele as it looked too perfect for the scene we wanted for the filming.

This was the one I was seriously dreading the most ever since from the inception of the idea.


I was nervous about this day in particular because it involves a lot of movement and major plot points occur during these scenes. Nathan had to say out a lot of dialogue while walking and he also had to run a lot around the forest as well.

IMG-1424355165532-V~3 IMG-1424354934471-V~2

It started off disastrous because of the weather. The only day we needed to film outside, and it started to rain pretty badly. It came to a point that we would have ended up cancelling the filming.


We waited for an hour there and we were still thinking of cancelling. But then I thought we drove all the way to Keele and it wasn’t raining too badly an hour later. We just risked it and ended up filming.

IMG-1424354801931-V~2 IMG-1424354839136-V~2 1

I couldn’t believe just how well it went. It was the best day I have ever had in filming ever. Everything went better than we had anticipated. We had planned from the day we started to plan the film, so it was essential to conform to the plan.

The plan was to film from many angles as we possibly could for the running scene. We filmed over twenty minutes of footage and we had more than enough.

IMG-1424355232577-V~2 IMG-1424355251376-V~2 (1)

This was the best I had seen Nathan act. Most of his scenes were done in one take. He was just too natural and made the filming more comfortable for me and Rob.

IMG-1424355083081-V~2 IMG-1424354666461-V~2 (1)


We had more assistance by Bradly Ayres. He had helped us with getting us to Keele and suggesting places around the campus to film.


Overall, it went more than great. We enjoyed every bit of the fourth day of filming. It is always about the plan and to conform to it.

Day 3 of filming of the major project

The third day of filming was a big challenge for me and Rob and even for Nathan. This was a big scene to film. It was a challenge as it required green screen. This was actually the second time I had used green screen, but it was first for a short film.


I had use green screen for a documentary web series I did called Stoke Stories. But this involved an even bigger challenge. The reason being that the actor’s performance was crucial to the film.


What we had to incorporate was that literally nothing was there. This did sound easy as it is green screen and we add the effects in post, but it was not as easy as it planned. This was because we couldn’t understand how to illustrate a certain shot for a while. This was due to the fact that we had to imagine everything while we were filming. We had to imagine that he was in a dark hole as he is suppose to be in the actual film, but that had to be dealt with Nathan’s performance.


I was more than glad that it went better than I could have possibly have imagined. Nathan’s performance blew us all away. The reason being that the green screen was in the middle of a class room that was full of visual effect students. The opening of this scene required Nathan to scream and he did even louder than we originally anticipated. It felt like that he was actually stuck in a black hole.

And another thing that we were ahead of schedule. We had booked the green screen for 3 hours and we managed to film the scene in an hour and a half. Overall, a terrific day of successful filming.

Day 2 of filming of the major project

IMG_0492 IMG_0476

The second day of filming required a major change. This was because the lead character portrayed by Nathan Wallace wasn’t available as he was ill. But we didn’t want to waste the day, so we managed to get some insert and cutaway shots for the opening sequences. This required filming at the Nature Reserve near Staffordshire University first. We filmed some shots of the trees and the river Trent. This was to establish the desolation of the world that my film is set in.

It was a really cold afternoon and the trees looked pretty rotten. So it seemed right to film there to establish a damaged planet Earth.

IMG_6023 IMG_6024

And we also filmed at the Staffordshire University Science Centre. This was also for the opening sequence which establish the futuristic look of the film. This was also for the opening sequence to establish that there are some futuristic building in a damaged environment.


Overall, it was a simple shoot on day 2 mainly for the actor’s health problems. But we managed to take the advantage of it and still filmed some insert and cutaway shots. Overall, another successful day of shooting.

Day 1 of filming of the major project

We had started filming the major project which is the new science fiction short film The Program. We decided to film as early as we possibly could as we had a big ambitious project to take and we wanted to take as much time as we possibly could.

Screenshot 2015-02-08 10.49.01

We filmed the opening scene and it revolved mainly one character. We filmed in the Staffordshire University Mellor Building in the room S425 on Wednesday 4th February from 1pm – 5pm.

It was a slow start, as we were having trouble setting up lighting for the shots we needed. But overall, the shoot went great. We managed to film over 40 minutes of footage. Got enough takes as we possibly needed. Overall, it was a successful first day of filming.

Screenshot 2015-02-04 18.21.58

Deconstruction of Remember

Screenshot 2015-02-08 10.30.36

Remember is a short documentary film delving on how life is treated and how it can harm someone for life. This film has the ability to discuss on life being shattered.

The cinematography is hand held giving the realistic look of the film. It works effectively as it is a short documentary.

Screenshot 2015-02-08 10.31.01

The film is heavily metaphoric as we see a kid with some broken pieces of glass. This gives the indication that his life has been shattered.

Screenshot 2015-02-08 10.31.14 Screenshot 2015-02-08 10.31.18 Screenshot 2015-02-08 10.31.29

There is a scene where the man closes the shower curtain to indicate that he wants to close the outside world and have no part of it whatsoever.

Screenshot 2015-02-08 10.44.37

This is due to the discovering that he has Alzheimer’s Disease. The title Remember gives it away at a sense.

Screenshot 2015-02-08 10.31.53

What we try to take in that he wants to remember the time and the place where he first met his wife, but he is having trouble as his disease is taking control. This film values on the message stating that the disease is deadly and cruel and that it can happen to anyone.

Screenshot 2015-02-08 10.45.25

It has the loneliness vibe mainly with the music as it is extremely bittersweet with the piano. But what us audience are trying to ensue is to help him and support him and make him feel that he is not alone at all. That is what his wife is saying, but he is having a hard time accepting it.

I love how the message revolves around true love. It delves in that she will love him through sickness and in health.

It displays the message that life is precious and that you should treat everyday as its your last.