Final Major Project Short Film Idea

So, we are in our final semester of our final year at university, and I thought it would be a wise choice to tell you about my idea of the film.

The genre is science fiction. I have made two science fiction short films (Resident and Region) and I decided to make another one.

The title is called: The Program

The film’s plot revolves around dreams, memories, overcoming fear, overcoming past and environmental messages.

That is all I can reveal without giving too much away as I am very precious of this idea.

I have been inspired by films such as The Matrix, Inception, Dark CIty to name some films.

I have also been inspired by reading novels by mainly Phillip K Dick and Stephen King.

This will be my most ambitious and passion project to date. This is because I have had the genesis of the idea for almost 5 years now.

Please follow my blog and my journey on making this film.


First Semester Thoughts

Since I am in the final semester of the final year of university, I thought it would be wise to give my thoughts on first semester of the final major project so far.

So far it has been satisfying. I have been impressed with what has happened in the past 12 weeks of the last semester. It has included so many satisfactions that was never included in the second year.

Such as we got to do what we wanted for the film, we had great lecturers who guided us into the process and we managed to present the idea and do a deconstruction of a film essay. They seemed important because we needed the push of getting to make the film.

I personally kind of lost faith in filmmaking thanks to the second year, but thanks to this module, I managed to get my faith back and managed to do my passion project.

I just received my grades and overall got a 2.1 which I am satisfied by. I wanted a 1st but I guess I can try to pick it up in this final semester.

Overall, I was completely satisfied of the first semester.

Final semester to go

So, this is my final semester of my final year of university. My main focus has always been the major project which is the short film that I am making.

This short film I am writing and directing will be my most passionate and ambitious one yet. I will explain in my next blogs why this film is important and also what the film is about.

Me and my project partner Robert Withers have always wanted to make a science fiction short film. We are both passionate of the genre and we both believe we can bring a unique style to this film.

We have been receiving many concerned questions about our film. That it is too ambitious for just a 8-10 short film. We get that indeed but we personally believe we can do it.

We believe that passion is the key for success when it comes to making a short film. I should know this because I have been making short films for over 8 years now.

I have had many drawbacks from the university in general to be completely honest. From being mislead into thinking that FTVRS was 50% practical and 50% theoretical. For the past 2 years it has been honestly 99% theoretical and 1% practical and the practical hasn’t even interesting. Until now with the Major Project.

I am more thank thankful that Major Project module exists because it involves creativity. It involves creativity as it best. What I mean by that is that we can make any type of film we want. We do get some sort of guidance but that still expect us to make the film that we want.

I am here to make this semester count as I possibly can. And by that I will work hard until I produce the best film I can possibly make. I am a believer of hard work pays off and I will make sure I will get to that.

Gasman (1998) Short Film Review

Gasman is a BAFTA winning short film by Lynne Ramsay who also directed the acclaimed feature film We Need To Talk About Kevin.

Gasman is a short film that delves in with many themes. Such as unreliable marriage, unemployment and lack of education to name a few examples.

Unreliable marriage, because the man has another another woman and children as well. Well, us as an audience member would assume that. This is because Lynne discovers that her husband is acting the same with the other woman and children. Acting similar to how he acts with her and her children. It gives that enigma for us audience to guess and predict.


This leads to sibling rivalry. Giving the indication that they do not get along and that it leads to dysfunctional within the family. We would assume that they would be related to each other if the other woman and children are with the father. We also see them acting unusually similar when it comes to playing with each other. They act a lot similar and gives the indication that they maybe related.


The way it is filmed is very strange. At the beginning, we don’t see any of the character’s faces at the beginning. This is giving an enigma aspect that they are hiding something in them. The way I visualized it is that they are hidden in their own reality of their home. They maybe shy to reality and towards other society.  This may give a reference that the husband wanted much more hence why he may have another family who are not shy and are shown instantly.


Unemployment comes in as they live in a council flat and they are dressed very oddly. Oddly gives the impression that they are poor. They wear old clothes rather than brand new which also gives another reference that they maybe poor.


The way it is filmed is very metaphoric. One main example is not showing the character’s faces at the beginning, giving the indication that they want to hide from society. Also that they live in a working class Scotland and the gritty look establishes that extensively.