10 Again (Breakdown Of A Short film)

 What is it about?

A short film of which follows three different narratives which follow the same theme which is unforgettable love and how that has affected them in the present.


The cinematography is mostly hand held shots. It feels more like a documentary than a dramatic short film. The shots feels natural as a home video as some parent is filming their children. It doesn’t feel cinematic at most times. There are about two or three shots that have a cinematic view of the film.


For example, in the third part of the film where the two kids are walking at the park. There is a wide angle shot of them walking with the beautiful sky and some trees.

Screenshot 2014-09-30 21.40.04

This gives the basic idea that this is a short film and not a documentary. I personally think that if it wasn’t for that shot then I honestly would have considered this as a documentary. This is because there are a lot of amateur types of camera shots. Like there are a lot of uses of the shaky camera which gives the amateur home video look of the film.

Screenshot 2014-09-30 21.33.49

There are a lot of the uses of the close up shots. This is to demonstrate the emotions the kids are going through their lives. For this one for example, which is a close up shot is demonstrated sadness. Maybe she is sad because she is not liking her life or something is troubling her.




The editing is very fluent all throughout the film. There are a lot of jump cuts which gives the film a fast paced effect. When I was watching this almost ten minute short film, I didn’t look at how much is left on the video. This is mainly due to the fact that the film is fast paced. It is done really well and that is mainly with the editing.



Throughout the entire film, it is mainly non diegetic sound. The narrators do mimic the lines at some scenes, but it is mainly non diegetic through the narration. The dialogue between them is not present on the scene.

But there is one major use of the diegetic sound, and that is when the little girl at the beginning slams the door and we hear her father shouting at her. Also, another important aspect of the diegetic sound is when she slams the door, the title appears on screen.

Screenshot 2014-09-30 21.44.06

This gives us the impression that the little girl must have had a tough childhood. Also, we hear her father shouting at her when she slams the door. It is a very effective use of the diegetic sound, because it gives the realism that children do these things and parents react like they have done something unforgivable.



When I was watching this short film, the one word that kept popping in my head was ‘nostalgia’. The film is split up in three different narratives so it is classed as a multi stranded narrative. It would have been risky, because multi stranded narratives need a lot of actions happening on screen. Luckily, that is dealt with  through the voice over narration. The voice over narration is a strong aspect of the film. It provides an in depth insight of what is the purpose of the film. The main purpose is to reminisce about the good times and how it has affected them now. It gives the message that the past is important. Well, the good memories which help you become a better person.

Screenshot 2014-09-30 21.37.34

The film feels more like a commentary of their lives. It is like they are watching an old film of theirs, and they are recording their personal commentary over it. I would state it as more of a commentary than a voice over narration is because we hear them laughing as well. Normally, with a voice over narration they would be just talking about the actions that is occurring on screen. Whereas 10 Again, provides more than one people having a normal conversation over the video. This gives the normality of the film and wants to feel real as possible. This does it very successfully because they are laughing at the funny moments such as the bra in the garden scene for example. The short film explores excellently about childhood memories and what it means to them.

Here is the link for the full short film