Film Review: House Arrest (Noir Short Film)

My Thoughts


After a testy wait, my good friend Fuwad Abrar directed me to his new short film “House Arrest.” It’s the very first film produced by his new production company Picturefly Productions and portrays the actions of a man under house arrest. The film falls into the ‘Noir‘ genre, a term used to describe cinematography which encompasses dark or fatalistic interpretations of reality and usually portrays cynical characters.

Film Noir has been described as one of ‘Hollywood’s only organic artistic movements’. With many writers, directors, cameramen and actors eager to bring a more mature world-view to Hollywood product following the 2nd World War. I engaged correspondence with Fuwad further to seek out his motivations for this particular genre. What led him to it?There are an enormous array of movie genres, why choose such a niche category? However, the source of motivation for his decision was more complicated than…

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